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cheap canada goose uk Top 11 WR duos in 2019 cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose online Yes. The only thing that truly hold that duo back would be bad coaching/playcalling, an injury, bad QB play, or, for whatever reason, Landry and OBJ struggle to develop a strong rapport (unlikely as they used to be great friends at LSU).As far as play style goes, OBJ is a prototypical flash receiver. He quick, has great hands, and is canada goose outlet jackets always a threat regardless of the route ran due to his physical traits. He what you want in a WR1 who can lineup essentially anywhere. OBJ will be making the flashy highlight reel plays on medium to deep catches.Jarvis is a truly a class slot receiver. He a better blocker than OBJ, extremely crisp route runner, extremely reliable hands, and a pretty strong guy overall. You expect to see Jarvis making those canada goose clothing uk clutch catches in traffic, especially in short to medium yard situations. While we don know how it play out, on paper they WR1s for most teams in the NFL, their play styles compliment each other extremely well, and even scarier is that were best friends at LSU. Odds are, barring bad coaching and qb play, obj and Landry are gonna set the field on fire and we not even considering the rest of the browns offense.Just, all things considered, they the cream of the crop of duos this season. Teams almost canada goose online shop germany never end up with wide receivers this good and this young unless the talent is drafted. 2nd place is by no means a bad spot to be in a time where so many teams have good depth at receiver. It extremely hard to compare directly receivers that are close to canada goose outlet mississauga each other in talent and production. However, historically uk canada goose speaking, Landry has largely had similar production to Thielen when playing as a true slot receiver and OBJ is just better than Diggs as a deep threat. Any team should be happy to have a duo like either team, but, in cheap canada goose jacket womens their respective roles, OBJ is the better deep threat vs Diggs and Landry has canada goose outlet in chicago shown to post up similar levels of production as Thielen when in his usual position.The biggest complaint I had with both Landry and OBJ isn their talent or production, but their attitudes. With Baker at canada goose outlet the helm, Landry attitude isn a problem anymore. Landry production can be excused by the fact that he simply not an outside receiver, and he showed why he possibly the best slot receiver when he led the league and catches and had multiple 1000 yard seasons. OBJ is, without question, a top 5 receiver in the league (at worst he 6th best, but that beside the point). His behavioral issues probably stem from a staff that couldn control him, being with a team that was terribly mismanaged, the lack of a leader, and his drive to win (which the Giants just weren doing and wont be doing for a long time; the boat party was stupid as hell but he young, I guarantee he learned his lesson that day and a captain like Baker and coach like kitchens won put up with that). Cleveland, surprisingly, has a team that someone like OBJ would actually want to play for, especially since he now playing with his best friend from LSU. With Landry emotions largely in check and back playing in his natural position and OBJ finally going to a team with some direction and a team captain that is fit to keep him focused, there no reason, on paper, to say they aren the best duo in the league.Though let let the season play out and not be flustered by stupid rankings like this that only spark controversy. We see what happens this year though. There a lot of potential for both duos and either one could end up being the best in the league. Or neither will. Maybe Ridley takes a step forward and the Falcons end up being the best duo. Maybe Will canada goose black friday sale uk Fuller stays healthy and improves his game and the Texans end up the best. Perhaps the canada goose shop austria Saints surprise everyone and draft an NFL ready wide receiver early (or find a diamond in the ruff in the 4th or 5th round) to partner with Thomas and they end up best. Of canada goose t shirt uk the duos on this list that existed last season, Evans and Godwin performed better than most of them and were just below Julio and Ridley in terms of yardage and touchdowns. And that was with Godwin having to share targets with two guys who are no longer on the team Canada Goose online.