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The mandatory repeatable quests that would only fill your exp bar 2 5%. I dreaded doing them, but it was surely satisfying to finally level up and move on.

Afking in town had its charm. Seeing people walk around checking each mushroom vendor, asking for buffs, or even talking nonsense to other people made the game feel alive. Seeing someone afk canada goose outlet los angeles with their +9/+10 weapon aura filled you with awe and envy. It gave you that feeling of determination knowing that one day you will get to that level.

The job change quest that you had to do to advance had its own atmosphere. From facing your own self at your level 20 job change to killing off zombies in roumen at your level 60 job change were all memorable. I remember I would be so nervous everytime I had to do them.

Don't even get me started on the kingdom quests. That was an experience that I don't see anymore these days. People dying left and right cheap canada goose from the Mini Dragon/King Phino KQ was a joy to watch. It rarely had a serious vibe to it as people would just poke fun/ tease each other.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Let's talk about the dungeons. Crystal tower was a blast to go through as it gave a CRAP TON OF EXP. Dragon's Tomb was a challenge to get through because it contained the dreaded repeatable quest that gave so little exp. Leviathan's Nest was where it was at. Going through the dungeon would take canada goose outlet new york city hours primarily because the goal was not to complete the dungeon, but to gain the most experience by killing the little snakes. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Can't believe I had so much memory of this game. I can't even listen to the soundtrack without tearing up. The whole game was unique in its own way despite the average combat system it had. Every thing was memorable.

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This sub is pretty much always going to side with someone dumping the other person. But I'm going to point out that both you and your boyfriend are immature idiots. Which is to be expected at 19.

buy canada goose jacket cheap He needs to get off his high horse and realize that things work differently when you're poor. Which he won't canada goose uk official do if he's not exposed to it. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats But you need to grow the fuck up. You couldn't have been any more childish if you tried. You say you're 19 but honestly there's no difference between you now and you at 13 from the sound of it. canada goose coats

Adults have debates and discussions. Your own word were I'm not going to debate.

Chances are you might have thrown away a great relationship into a wealthy family because of your pride and immaturity.

And why are you so stuck on being with someone who gets "it?" I grew up in an area just like yours. I was lucky enough to end up becoming fairly wealthy, im 30 now. The woman I'm going canada goose outlet netherlands to marry was rich her whole life and will literally never understand "it." But who gives a fuck? Why on earth would I want to tether myself to the shittiest part of my life? My fianc loves my family, she's always respectful, but she thinks some things that she can't help because she'll never understand.

Stop living in your past and move on. No one cares if you're from the hood. Where you were doesn't matter as much as where you are.

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2009 a boyfriend tried to kill me because I was trying to escape the abusive relationship. By this point he had isolated me from my friends and family. He was regularly kicking me out on the street and locking me out of the house forcing me to spend the night in hostels or on the floor of my office. It was really horrible.

Anyway, I called an old friend, a guy, and stayed at his house for a few days and decided to leave the boyfriend. canadian goose coat black friday So I slept with the guy. I think it was a way to put a nail in the coffin on the relationship for me.

uk canada goose I had to go to the boyfriends house to get some things and of course he wanted to sweet talk me into coming back. We ended up sleeping together and somehow he pestered me until I admitted I slept with the other guy (meanwhile I had found pictures of him getting a blow job from some chick and had found him in bed with someone else) uk canada goose

Canada Goose sale So he did a whole bunch of blow and beer and took one of the beer bottles and slammed it into my skull. Instantly blood was streaming out of my head. I was so disoriented. He said he was going to get a knife to finish the job. While he went to the kitchen I threw on clothes, I didn even have shoes on and ran out of the apartment in canada goose outlet shop bare feet. Canada Goose sale

It was the middle of winter and there was snow and ice on the ground. I ran and hit in a vacant lot. What I didn realize was that I left buy canada goose jacket cheap a trail of blood that he followed and was able to find me.

He dragged me back down the street. I was screaming for help and there was someone smoking outside across the street who just went in their door and didn help. Then a man came down the street and I grabbed onto him and begged him to help me. Boyfriend was pulling me away. Man pulled away and left quickly down the street. No one helped.

Boyfriend forces me back in the apartment, I was fighting the whole time. He takes me inside apologizing, begging me to forgive him. He shatters my phone so I unable to call for help. He bandages my head really tightly.

canada goose store He stays up all night watching me making sure I don leave. Half of the bed is covered in blood. canada goose store

He has sex with me again and I am so defeated I can fight. He kept me in the house for a few weeks. I was unable to leave. I tried to escape by killing myself but he caught me the first time. The second time I just started to cry and said As a prayer to the world "I will do anything canada goose outlet uk review and everything to help myself, if you just give me guidance"

Canada Goose Online I was the only one working so I eventually convinced him that I needed to go back to work so we didn get evicted. He let me go and when I got there I borrowed a coworker phone and called my biological father I had recently reconnected to come get me. Canada Goose Online

Boyfriend wouldn allow me to have keys so we had to wait until we knew he was out of the house and have a locksmith drill the lock to get all my stuff. Biodad didn ask me any questions. He just knew I needed help. It really cemented our relationship.

At first things were good. I really did do everything to help myself. Started to deal with my mental health, found a community, got an apartment, reconnected with friends. Then about 8 months later I started having severe flashbacks, extreme fear of anyone that looked like him, avoidance of places we used to go and an overwhelming feeling of fear. It was pretty crippling. I told my psychiatrist what happened and she put me on meds but I really wasn able to talk to a therapist about it.

I could barely talk about it. A few years went by and things got Canada Goose Online better but the trauma was unresolved. I decided to shave my head because I always wanted to do it once in my life so I did.

I found a 4 inch scar above my hairline. It so deep there is an indent. Seeing canada goose vest outlet it caused me to have severe flashbacks again and feel like I was running down the snowy street again.