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aaa replica bags In general, no, but I can share a couple examples of why they might. We had a shop in our town that damaged an Audi by lifting it improperly during a PPI. The shop owner completely denied it and we ended up eating a body shop bill. Says Harpreet Singh, media director, Contract Advertising, Delhi, "Advertising will become much more scientific, much more result oriented, and there will be a constant measure of efficacy by the client."All this could translate into a consolidation of the advertising industry with strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions becoming the order of the day. Concurs Tarun Das, creative director, Rediff Advertising, "There are going to be just one or two creative hot shops in the future." Das points out that many Indian companies are now becoming part of global conglomerates, and feels that the trend will pick up in the future. As Harpreet Singh, media director, Contract Advertising, Delhi puts it, "like in any other industry, there is a move towards consolidation."However, no amount of technology is going to produce creativity aaa replica bags.