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If you never lived in an environment where you can get anywhere you need to go quickly and cheaply by walking, biking, or by an efficient mass transit system, it easy to imagine that the rest of the civilized world is the same way.

canada goose store Cars are expensive and contribute in a major way to pollution and accidental injury and death, canada goose costco uk so as an outsider looking in on America famous private transport industry. Yeah, I can see where it might look like entitlement that nearly every American owns their own car almost as a birthright. canada goose store

uk canada goose outlet Not to mention that the that you can afford part you mention is a mighty big assumption in a lot of cases. uk canada goose outlet

I thought the original question was in bad taste, but it seems like you swinging too far the other way here in your defense of the show.

I haven watched much of the show so I no expert, but from what I seen The Nightly Show openly discusses a lot of issues especially but not exclusively around race that other shows won touch, and it does it in a canada goose outlet parka format that clearly attempts to be at least somewhat thoughtful and informative. If you pad your panel with comedians who are uninformed about the topic and simply looking to get the most laughs that they can in a seven minute segment you clearly working at odds against what seems to be the intent of the show.

buy canada goose jacket Even if the ways in which a lot of people are framing their questions here are really uncalled for, I think there are valid criticisms in the way that the panels are handled which are worth discussing. Where there smoke, there fire. buy canada goose jacket

Bit of a strong reaction there considering my point had very little to do with actually endorsing reduced weapon drops but, for the sake of argument: Not necessarily.

Canada Goose Outlet Most of the enemies in Fallout 4 already carry the same garbage weapons you can be bothered to pick up, anyway. That doesn conflict with scarcity for weapons that you care about as a canada goose outlet new jersey player. Reduced or randomized weapon drops are probably the easiest way to implement it in an existing game, but I never been a big fan of random drops and loot em ups so I wouldn suggest those anyway. Otherwise, nothing about making an item scarce or only making it available in a few places forces the player to progress linearly, it just reduces the avenues of progression in that particular direction. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose factory sale There are lots of ways to communicate to a player that there might be rewards for some action without it canada goose hat uk seeming inherently rigged. There can still be player choice and plenty of other meaningful paths for progression that are equally viable, the player can still be allowed to progress at her own pace in the desired way, and if you need to you can still use some element of randomization to make sure it not the same on every playthrough. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk outlet There are plenty of ways to work around the problems that any particular solution would introduce. The question is whether that the right solution for the job at hand. In this case, I think degrading gear and forcing the player to micromanage a bunch of junk in their inventory to keep it repaired is the wrong solution. canada goose uk outlet

canadian goose jacket Sure, the argument that everyone should make better decisions is fundamentally sound. There no real refuting it because all you saying is "if you didn make those decisions you wouldn have this canada goose black friday sale outcome," which is self evident it not very different from telling obese people that if they had lived a healthier lifestyle that they wouldn be obese. canadian goose jacket

The fact that the United States has a huge issue with crippling student debt as a nation should point to deeper issues than canada goose jacket outlet millennials simply making bad financial choices of their own accord. Schools charge record rates for education and often encourage students to seek loans to pay for the tuition, while students feel (through long conditioning) as though their only options are university or failure.

canada goose coats on sale It not all awful; there been a lot more talk about trade schools and community college in recent years, for instance, and I think students today are probably more equipped to make their own decision about college than they were even a decade ago, but just because your own experiences led you to making a better financial decision when you were a kid doesn mean every student who fell into the trap has just buried his head in the sand canada goose outlet in chicago or is just seeking to avoid responsibility for his actions. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale EDIT: Granted, I speaking more to people who have already made that choice. Obviously I agree with what you saying if you talking to/about people who have yet to actually make their decision. I took the post above yours to be rhetorical Canada Goose sale

I personally don like weapon and armor degradation in most games because it typically ends up being more fiddly than interesting. The goal of any kind of survival/degradation mechanics is usually to encourage players to work outside of their comfort zone and get themselves into situations they otherwise wouldn in order to fulfill a need, but more often than not those systems just end up turning into chores for the player.

I mean you not wrong on any of your points, but you can counter pretty much any part of the argument with different design decisions to achieve the same end result. Just as an example, if the goal is to canada goose black friday deals 2019 make weapons valuable and to encourage players not to use canada goose black friday canada their best gun at all times, ammo scarcity and reduced weapon drops are pretty obvious solutions which let you rip those entire repair/degradation systems out of the game entirely.

The problem I see with canada goose outlet this argument is that you asking typical 18 year olds, who have been brainwashed for most of their conscious life that they must attend college in order to lead a decent life, to make decisions which are counter to pretty much everything they been canada goose expedition uk told up to that point about a subject (finances) where they have limited personal experience.