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Replica Hermes Bags HomeNewsCoventry NewsRicoh Arena rowMatch protest planned over Coventry City's homelessness rowIt is one of many ideas to help solve the impasse that could see see Coventry City homeless in a matter of monthsPigs thrown on Replica Hermes uk the pitch at the RicohGet the biggest Coventry City FC stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy fake hermes belt women's noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailCoventry City fans are set to stage a protest at the televised match against Luton in a bid to raise the profile of the club's impending homelessness.The demonstration will see fans hold up cards with a message signifying the few games the club has left at the Ricoh before their rent deal runs out.It is one part of a new crisis action plan released by Coventry City fans' group The Sky Blues Trust.Other plans include pitching up outside the London headquarters of Coventry City bosses Sisu to lobby those who could end the impasse.The Sky Blues have less than 80 days until their rent deal at the Ricoh Arena runs out in May.The stadium's owners Wasps have said they will not renegotiate a new rent deal until legal action from the club's owners ends.But with time running out, the Supreme Court is still yet to decide whether it will hear an appeal into the sale of the stadium in 2014, brought by companies controlled by Coventry City bosses Sisu.The club has also warned the English Football League say they won't be allowed to play outside of Coventry next season, meaning their place in the league is under threat.That Replica Hermes Bags is leading the fans to try and take action into their own hands.The protest A spokesman for The Sky Blue Trust said it would be encouraging all fans at the game on February 24 even Luton Town supporters to raise the signs on the sixth minute of the match.That is significant because after that game, Coventry City will have just six games left to play at the Ricoh Arena before they are potentially made homeless.The following April, Coventry City were relegated to League Two following a draw at the Ricoh with Charlton that was interrupted by a repeat of the action which had taken place at The Valley.Kick off was delayed as ballboys had to remove hundreds of the pink pigs from the field.But even as the match finally began, hundreds more pigs were thrown by fans prompting the ref to remove the players from the field.Other key action The crisis action plan from the Sky Blue Trust comes after the group called an open meeting with fans last month to discuss the threats facing the club including the potential for it to collapse altogether.Other high quality Replica Hermes key action the group is planning includes:Further matchday demonstrations towards the Hermes Bags Replica end of Fake Hermes best hermes replica handbags Bags season (depending on progress). Attending protests organised by other supporter groups with the intention of raising the club's homelessness plight. Researching the possibility of having the Ryton training ground made an Asset of Community Value Replica Hermes Bags.