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cheap canada goose uk Same, moving from NJ to Ohio, I surrounded by rural Republicans who ignore Trump everyday shenanigans because they believe he will bring jobs back. I work in a manufacturering plant and Canada Goose online recently Lordstown GM plant closed, ending the Cruze. Thousands of jobs were lost and we lost them as a customer which directly effects our canada goose outlet niagara falls work. We lost the Ford Fusion and Focus that was made canada goose clothing uk in Mexico as well, Ford itself says it lost 1 billion because of tariffs. They blame Mexico for the tariffs and say that American cars shouldn be made there anyways. Of course, those car models were discontinued and never came back. It one thing to believe how an economy should work or how taxed should be allocated, it another to ignore your own interests. cheap canada goose uk

They are filled with Republican taking points and standard fox news rhetoric. Their views lack empathy because it always negative, focused on the worst hypothetical situations or slippery slope arguments. We can do anything remotely sympathic because someone, somewhere might misuse the system. It also weird to me that the are unapologetically patriotic but yet hate their government and think corporations are their friends.

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Yeah. Dont get me wrong, I love america. I was born here, i live here, and everythibg i know is here. I have healthy patriotism, which is good. Everyone shoukd strive to be proud of their country. Its honorable. Healthy rivalry and patriotism is good for the world and good for our souls.

However, i wont ignore our problems. Im more "patriotic" about my state than my country, as most are. Large scale patriotism is wierd. Small scale is comfortable.

canada goose clearance But seriously, everyone chants about america being the greatest. For being so great, we really dropped the ball on some very basic plays. Whats up with our internet and healthcare? Whats up with our cost of education? What canada goose parka outlet uk the hell is going on with this taxing of every cent i spend AND earn. Like, taxes are good. canada goose clearance

I have sympathy for gun control advocates, but they shouldn ignore the reality of the Constitution as it drafted, they should work to change it to the extent it needs changing. My personal belief is that it wiser to focus on some of the more obvious causes of gun violence, like the war on drugs and stronger support for mental health initiatives.

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Canada Goose online The suicide rate is so high, it lowered your canada goose outlet store usa life expectancy. Your labor participation rate is the same as Venezuela. Your incarceration rate is the highest in the world. You have an abnormal amount of gun violence and drug use. You spend more on the military than canada goose outlet reviews the next 12 Nations combined. You effectively had only 17 years peace in your 242 canada goose outlet us years of existence. You have the most expensive and worst healthcare outcomes in the developed world. But hey, you still have guns, so you have that going for ya. Canada Goose online

Japan suicide rater is higher, but it hasn lowered their life expectancy. Our unhealthy eating habits are the root cause, and that is slowly changing for the better. You either lying or you really just don know how to draw real conclusions from real data.

canada goose coats Your labor participation rate is the same as where do uk canada geese go in winter Venezuela. canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket LOL. And it higher than Germany, Japan, Austria, Hungary, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, the EU on average. Labor Participation rates are subject to canada goose expedition parka uk cultural demographics. You being ridiculous. canadian goose jacket

You have an abnormal amount of gun violence and drug use.

Yup. Not that I disagree with welfare, not sure there another solution, so. Of course, most countries haven run the drug use studies since the early 2000s, whereas we ran one in 2012.

You spend more on the military than the next 12 Nations combined.

We also the reason why a huge number of the countries on that list don need to spend more on their military.

Canada Goose Parka You effectively had only 17 years peace in your 242 years of existence. Canada Goose Parka

Yea. If you count minor imperialist canada goose outlet skirmishes that pretty much every imperialist country has engaged in (including China for the last 50 years), anti piracy actions that most other seafaring nations were also involved in, anti terror actions that most other canada goose alternative uk nations are involved in, two world wars that most other nations were involved in. Sure. You just love to ignore context, though, don ya.

canada goose clearance sale OTHER THAN THAT. There the fact that the world has pretty much been at war 242 of the 242 years we existed. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk outlet You have the most expensive and worst healthcare outcomes in the developed world. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose uk shop But hey, you still have guns, so you have that going for ya. canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket I like how you really couldn connect any of those things to the free access of legal guns so you had to be all snarky about it instead of academic about it. It cute. I like you. Can I ruffle your hair like you my puppy buy canada goose jacket.