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Think about it. death penalties are almost never a first time offense, you got to have several felony convictions in most cases, unless you did something truly horrifying or you have multiple charges hitting you in the same trial. So you have someone that has an canada goose warranty uk established pattern of doing things like murder, child molestation. things which are a clear and present danger to society. And shows zero inclination to STOP canada goose outlet in montreal doing it.

canada goose Well, if you aren going to stop, we going to stop you. Permanently. Just like you put down a rabid dog, if you going to just go back out on the street and murder or whatever again, might as well do everyone a favor and put you down. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet I do agree that there something wrong with the appeal process being more expensive than life without parole, however it a thin line to tread specifically because of cases like this where someone was railroaded. Maybe we should look does canada goose have black friday sales into exactly why it is more expensive, because I promise you it isn because of the appeals. Someone on death row shouldn be eating steak and potatoes, he should be in a seven by nine with a toilet and a cot and left to rot. Give access to reading materials and access to writing materials, sure, and don deny him his rights to appeal, but I betting there plenty of costs that could be cut without jeopardizing the legal system. Canada Goose Outlet

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Canada Goose Jackets People can accept the fact that a certain President lost by millions of votes. Instead of face reality and accept the fact more American voters wanted a different person, it easier to live in a fantasy land where millions of people vote illegally and of course they all vote for the other person. Canada Goose Jackets

All the while an actual case of honest to god voting fraud by a Republican in SC is being ignored. The fraud is canada goose outlet buffalo so bad they doing the entire election all over again, and the guy who "won" very illegally is just running again.

There were also news stories of people voting for Trump illegally. I remember one woman who voted using her late husband name and her excuse was he wanted to vote for Trump but died before he could.

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I had a boss exactly like this. I came from a dysfunctional company and when she told me her stories I believed this new company was going to be the same. I just wanted to do my work and go home so I kept to myself. After about six months, I started to see my new boss for what she was, a crazy bitch. I reported her to HR because I was tired of her telling me things like her boss is only in his position because he's a man or her making fun of other employees. It didn't do much, but she did canada goose freestyle vest uk move departments so that was nice.

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I didn vaccinate my kids because I was super young when I had my kids and was being overly cautious so to speak.

Canada Goose sale My mom is religious in a more extreme way then most. (imo) Canada Goose sale

My mom wasn worried about my kids getting autism. She was worried about injecting babies with so much stuff so young, all at once.

She heard a doctor on canada goose uk black friday the religious canada goose outlet eu radio station she listens too tell her it was dangerous to the babies health.

canada goose uk black friday She was scared, so she made me scared. I asked a few relatives what they thought and got nothing but shrugs. I was afraid to ask my co workers because I thought I get laughed at for being so stupid. canada goose uk black canada goose outlet friday

I didn have the internet back then and was homeschooled so I only knew what my parents told me.

I thought I was doing the right thing.

I was scared of what would happen if I let my kid get the injections. What if they got sick and died? It would be my fault.

On top of the fact that healthcare in the US is so unaffordable I never went to the doctor for anything ever. Any chance for me to know any better was out the window. I couldn afford it.

After a few years I canada goose on sale for black friday started to do better financially I was finally able to get TV and the internet and that how I learned how vaccines work and why I shouldn have been as a afriad as I was to give them to my kids. And why I should be very afraid that I didn in the first place.

So now I knew I had made a mistake by not vaccinating my kids and needed to do something about it.

The problem is after reading everyone on reddit and other places online bash people who don vaccinate their kids constantly and talk about how evil and dumb they are I became apprehensive about going to the hospital.

I was afraid the nurses were going canada goose outlet near me to lecture me and tell me what a piece of shit parent I was for waiting so long.

So a waited longer out of fear.

I eventually decided that even if they freak out on me for it it still needed done. My kids deserve to be protected and i had to do it.

canada goose factory sale I took them both up and started the process of getting them caught up. canada goose factory sale

buy canada goose jacket I almost cried when I tried to explain to the nurse why I hadn vaccinated in the first place. She was so kind and understanding. She could see on my face that I was ashamed and embarrassed. buy canada goose jacket

She told me if I had questions to stop by or call anytime.

The key to prevent this from happening to people like me is affordable healthcare, better education and NOT ATTACKING OTHER PEOPLE FOR NOT UNDERSTANDING AND MAKING THE WRONG CHOICE ONLINE.