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replica designer bags wholesale Reading this article annoyed me. I love how they blame surgical elective admits for elective procedures as the reason for boarding in the ED, and claim that hospitals are greedy because they make more money off of surgical patients. More like, why not mandate that SNFs and other dispo facilities are open to accepting patients over the weekend? And ensuring that any testing or imaging can be done over the weekend? At my institution, any ultrasounds/CTs/etc ordered on a Friday afternoon wouldn be done over the weekend (only emergent cases would be performed) and so the patient would have to stay in the hospital over the weekend and get discharged on Monday evening (because the imaging department would be backed up with studies ordered from over the weekend too).. replica designer bags wholesale

replica bags online Acoughing episode on Labor Day had prompted a fresh round of questions about Clinton's health. During a speech at a festival in Cleveland, Clinton startedcoughing repeatedly at the outset of her remarks, took several sips of water and a lozenge and continued to sound hoarse as she spoke. Later that day, Clinton told reporters her condition was caused by "seasonal allergies.". replica bags online

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