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canada goose clearance sale 28 points submitted 1 day agoI of the opinion that mirror Bashir is a comment what Bashir would have become had his parents not decided that he was doomed to a life of mediocrity. He not shown to be a genius, but is shown to be comparably intelligent to the other, normal, Terrans. He is also shown to be an effective fighter pilot, and possesses the intelligence and ambition to seek leadership within the rebellion.It shows that Prime Bashir parents acted rashly. 7 points submitted 1 day agoOr simply that prime Bashir could have been a late bloomer. Some early academic struggles do work themselves out over time. Some can be vision related, others environmental or psychological, while others are just a delay. Not all of them are life canada goose outlet in vancouver long disabilities.I think we can reasonably rule out most physical factors given PU 24th century healthcare, but psychological reasons, like maybe an obscene amount of pressure and/or harsh criticism from his parents, contributed to prime Bashir lack of early growth despite obvious capability.I suppose if mirror Bashir grew up to be relatively "normal," it does undermine the whole reason his prime parents had him enhanced in the first place. The fact that they were willing to take such drastic measures canada goose outlet could lend support to my previous assertion that they may have pressured or criticized him excessively due to higher expectations.I a brit. My only exposure to American farming practices is from tv. This TV shows literally thousands of cattle crammed into "fields" of dust/mud whilst being fed food from bags because there no grass.I live rurally, and all cows I have ever seen here are in fields of actual grass. The concept of this mass farming of thousands of cows being fed grain/corn is just mindblowing to me.Is this representative of the majority of cattle farming in the US (I excluding the smaller "mom and pop" farms which I assuming make up a small fraction of the actual cattle market I may be wrong here also)AnnihilatedTyro 3 points submitted 1 day agoAs a native Montanan a major ranching state I hope you referring to factory farms. None of my experience with cattle ranching in Montana and Oregon has even vaguely resembled the horrific images of factory farms that I seen on TV. I don even know where these places are. I could canada goose outlet toronto address understand places like this using grain/corn feeds since the population density of the animals simply prevents any grasses being allowed to grow, while the animals are simply fattened up for slaughter.In Montana, cattle outnumber humans by a wide margin. "Open range" is a very literal phrase here. Most of the Montana prairie is not a lush, green smorgasbord, but it does grow plenty of grasses, small bushes and sage, occasionally berries. While it requires more land than greener places to support the herds. land is one thing Montana has in abundance.I should also note that in winter, Montana cattle are primarily fed hay. Some of the Oregon ranchers will feed grain/corn to their dairy cows and calves but not to their beef they also get hay.AnnihilatedTyro 1 point submitted 5 days agoRiker promotion, as stated by the Admiral at the time, was a battlefield promotion. It done out of necessity because he the qualified replacement to command the ship in the interim. It allows all command codes and Captain only privileges to transfer to Riker and establishes a clear hierarchy while Commander Shelby was on board. Riker is essentially an acting captain and his future in that role was yet to canada goose jacket outlet toronto be determined because of the emergency situation at hand.Upon Picard return to active duty, the roles simply went back to what they had been almost certainly by Riker choice to remain first officer. As Shelby noted, canada goose Riker had probably earned the privilege to command any ship he wanted going forward. Had Picard not returned to the Enterprise, Riker promotion likely have been made permanent aboard the Enterprise because of his experience with the ship and crew.Uberrancel 3 points submitted 6 days agoIt was a battlefield promotion to acting ensign. Which he continued to Act in. Rikers was a battlefield promotion to capt which he let go of when it was over. He was never given command, he just assumed it. Command would go back to Picard then when he came back. It's what you do in an emergency. Picard just wanted to give Wesley a job without dealing with starfleet red tape so he kept it going, something I'm sure a Captain gets to decide to do if he chooses. It's just an ensign after all.AnnihilatedTyro 2 points submitted 5 days agoWesley was eventually promoted to full ensign, not an acting rank, after deciphering Riker distress signal from the Ferengi ship. This was a reflection both of his contributions and dedication, and the fact that he was already canada goose offers uk earning Academy credit for his studies and duties on the Enterprise and he voluntarily missed his transport to Earth to enter the Academy in order to decipher the signal.It wasn stated if this is a field commission, battlefield promotion, or an canada goose victoria parka uk official Starfleet approved commission. I think we assume it a field commission like the acting ensign, but we don know for sure how it worked with Starfleet. 18 points submitted 6 days agoI not the expert on this, by any stretch, but I been fascinated by some of the recent discoveries about the impact that ended the dinosaurs.First, if it hit land, I think it pretty safe to say that anyone on the same continent would probably not survive. We know that the impact crater happened near Mexico, and it was raining glass down in North Dakota. That a radius of about 3000km. I assume you could probably survive a glass rain, if you have a bunker, but I going to assume that the firestorm that follows would be unsurvivable. Every tree, building and grass lot would catch on fire at the same time, so the glass itself isn the problem. There really wouldn be much infrastructure left at that point, and the amount of smoke that that alone puts into the air canada goose outlet london would be major calamnity is going to be tidal waves. I honestly don know how big it would be, and the models done for the Canada Goose online Chicxulub didn calculate the hight at the coast, but supposedly, they were 14m high when out to sea. I going to say, then that they would probably have been 30 40m high when they reached shallow waters. (others can correct me on that for sure.). Still, if that hits any coast line with a modern city, that city is going to be canada goose uk size chart devastated. canada goose outlet mississauga Don forget there be 2nd and third round waves too, from the water rushing into the crater (if it int he water), or at least from the many earthquakes that follow canada goose clearance sale.