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uk canada goose outlet Long story short, she told me canada goose black friday instagram that she was sexually abused canada goose outlet ottawa by her adopted father, cheated on her fiance with a heroin addict canada goose outlet in toronto in front of me, crashed her car when she was pissed drunk, and used canada goose outlet us me as an out when she was going on canada goose outlet online uk sex and booze benders with random dudes. I met with her mom about her behavior, and learned she was a pathological liar to the MAX. Everything in her family life was fine, she just crazy. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose clearance sale Also, she openly hit on my boyfriend (now husband) the last time we hung out years ago, after being no contact for about a year. He thought it was weird, and by that time I was over her crazy. Said "see ya" and never looked back. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk black friday I think she doing better now, according to Facebook, but I cut ties a long time ago canada goose uk black friday

was a few years ago. I female, and was 25 at the time. My friend (F), my now husband (NH), and I were out drinking one night pretty late. Went to a bar we had been to at least 100 times. We ended up briefly chatting with another drunk guy (DG); nice, unassuming, kinda a funny dude.

uk canada goose forward to the end of the night (2:45am or whereabouts). NH has already left, and I taking F home. canada goose outlet uk She had recently moved out of state and was staying at her parents house, which was coincidentally not only very close to my apartment, but also on my way home. I drop off F, and continue down the street. uk canada goose

I driving I glimpse at the car to my right, make eye contact it DG. I do the acknowledgment smile, and keep driving. Weird, but at the time I chalked it up to coincidental timing. I notice that DG is still keeping pace, and wants to race. The street was basically empty, and I was in a good mood, so I canada goose gilet uk raced him to the next light.

smile, wave. Probably where I messed up. I keep going, see that DG car is now behind mine, and stupidly turn into my apartment complex. I park, get out of the car, and he right there.

buy canada goose jacket cheap "Hey, we were talking cheap canada goose mens at the bar earlier. Remember me?" buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats Me: "Yeah, hi, do you live here?" canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale DG: "Oh, no. I canada goose uk telephone number just thought you were stopping so we could hang out." canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Me: "Uh, no. I just trying to get home. You kind of followed me." Canada Goose online

DG: "So you don want to hang out?"

canada goose factory sale parked a few buildings down and around the corner, and started to back up on to the sidewalk, heading away from my apartment. DG seemed to be getting the hint, but was walking in my direction. Ever make Wolverine claws with your keys? canada goose factory sale

"I dating the guy you met at canada goose outlet washington dc the bar, I not going to give you my number."

DG: "Oh, you guys don really act like you dating, but okay."

this point he starts to back up and turn around. Once DG is fully walking to his car, I run up the stairs behind me, to the next building, and hide. I focused on the sound of the parking lot. I held my breath and waited until I heard his car start, back up, and leave. Then I ran home.

called F, recounted everything, and just cried. She remembered that he left the bar right after us, and she saw his car behind mine on our way to her house. She didn think anything of it. This guy had followed me from the bar, watched me drop off my friend at her house, continued to follow me to my complex, then asked for my number. One of the more terrifying moments in my life.