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The City of Chicago flag, designed by Wallace Rice, was adopted in 1917 after Rice won the design competition. In situations where the outcome being observed is truly random and consists of independent trials of a random process, this belief is false. The fallacy can arise in many situations, but is most strongly associated with gambling, where it is common among players..

Schumer announced that he intended to use a provision in a 2017 sanctions law to prompt a full Senate vote as soon as Tuesday on a resolution to block the Treasury Department's deal with Mr. Deripaska's companies. But to approve the measure, Democrats would need the support of several Republicans, which would require them to split with President Trump on the issue..

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Secondly, do you even remember why Robb was on the battlefield? As the king, he chose to go to war, kill and risk his mens' lives over his family's pride. Recall if you will, that even the Starks weren't stupid enough to think they'd ever touch Tywin or Cersei. Then plan was to humiliate them in battle with some victories, then force a favorable settlement before the Lannisters could muster enough forces to crush them..

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